Amelia Laundromat

Queen City Laundry – Amelia

1310 Ohio Pike
Amelia, OH 45102

We are open from 7am-9pm, 7 days a week (out by 10:30pm)


Our Amelia store has been completely remodeled and has a wide variety of new commercial washers and dryers. An attendant is on-premise and available for drop-offs and pickups from 8 am – 9 pm, every day. This location accepts dollar coins, credit cards and phonepay fo your convenience.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

Need To Reach Us?

(513) 752-0903

This Location Offers

Machine Sizes

With our many high-speed, large capacity washers and reversing dryers, we make laundry time fly by fast! 

80lb Monsterload Washers
(8 loads)
60lb Megaload Washers
(6 loads)
40lb Superload Washers
(4 loads)
30lb Tripleload Washers
(3 loads)
20lb Doubleload Washers
(2 loads)
Single Load Dryers
(1 load)
Super Load Dryers
(3 loads)
Monster Load Dryers
(8 loads)


Why just WASH your laundry, when you can SANITIZE it?

Used for all Pick-Up & Delivery orders. Available for Drop-Off and Self-Service at our Amelia and Mt. Washington locations.

Sanitizing Every Load

Sanitizes the washer and your clothes during EVERY cycle

Reduced Drying Time

Fabrics washed in ozonated water retain less moisture, allowing clothes to dry faster

Cleaner, Brighter & Whiter

Ozonated water relaxes the fabrics in your clothes allowing for improved dirt & stain removal

Environmentally Friendly

Reduces the amount of water and energy needed to get your clothes clean, therefore reducing the carbon footprint

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What Our Customer Say


Our Washing Machine broke last night right as I was starting the first of MANY loads. Luckily, you are right around the corner, and were a huge help in my time of need. Great, clean facility, with functional washers and dryers. Attendant was very pleasant!

Spunky Girl

Pleasant experience, or at least as pleasant as doing laundry can be. My first time using not just this laundry mat, but any laundry mat. I had to ask the attendant to show me how. She was really nice about it, got me change, and then later asked me how I was doing. Best place to go when you're washer and dryer are down! Laundry can't be avoided!


I love the Ameila location. Always clean and I have never had a machine that wasn’t working. Thank you keep it up and ill keep coming back.

Phyllis R

So many different washer sizes to pick from and this place is huge so you won’t have a waiting period. The dryers are also different sizes and have different time allowances. This business is extremely clean and has all the amenities you could ask for. Seating is comfortable including living room seating. Super nice place to wash and dry clean clothing.

Jessica K

I had such a great experience! I dropped A LOT of laundry off at 4pm on a Saturday. It was ready 9pm that same night. I picked it up folded and packaged so professionally and smelling good. I was so overwhelmed with laundry and Queen City Laundry gave me peace of mind! Highly recommend.

M J.

What a great place to do your laundry. Very clean and great staff that is very helpful. All size washer and dryers to fit any need.Doing wash for my mother with my son.

Michael R

The attendant that is here, is not only friendly but doing an immaculate job at keeping the place clean. The whole facility is very clean, the machines, the bathrooms, everything! There are plenty of machines of varying size and plenty of space so you're not bumping into others. There is a small area for kids to relax and play. It almost makes doing laundry not that bad. Now if only they had machines that would fold and put away the laundry for you!

Jon B.

This laundromat is excellent. Thank you for keeping it in such great shape. We will be back soon !!!!

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Store Hours

Open 7 days a week, 7am-9pm


1310 Ohio Pike Amelia, OH 45102