Commercial Laundry Service
in Cincinnati, Ohio

We Allow You to Focus on What You Do Best -
Allow Us to Professionally Clean Your Linens and Uniforms

Towel Service for
Salons, Spas & Gyms

Whether a Hair Salon, Nail Salon, Fitness Center, or a Spa for Facials and Massages, our custom towel service will deliver your towels to you the next day, freshly sanitized and folded to your preferences.

Linen Service for
Hotels & Airbnbs

Whether you rent out a single Airbnb or an entire Hotel, our linen service will make it easy to provide guest’s with fresh linens as often as desired. Your comforters, sheets, blankets, and towels will be delivered freshly sanitized and folded to your preferences.

Uniform Service

Whether a medical facility, factory, restaurant, or public service department, if your staff wears uniforms, we are your solution! Our unique ozone system is even gentle on your fabrics, allowing them to stay brighter, smell better, and last longer. Contact us for a quote!

Smoke Remediation

Whether your are a fire fighter, an insurance company, a victim of fire damage, or just hung out at a smoky bar, our state-of-the-art Ozone Sanitization system will remove those pesky odors while brightening the fabric. Every load is sanitized with ozone!

Providing Free Pick-Up & Delivery or Drop-Off Services
with Next-Day or Flexible Turn Around Times

All Services Fully Customizable to
Your Business's Unique Preferences

Cleaned Professionally with
Our State-of-the-Art
Ozone Sanitization System

Every load is sanitized with our SanOWash Ozone System, proven to keep your fabrics lasting longer, colors brighter, and smelling fresher. The ozone injection system will even remove those hard to treat stains and smells, perfect for smoke remediation services after fire damage, or even cigarette smoke from your Airbnb or Hotel linens.

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