Pick-Up & Delivery Service
Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our Product / Service and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send an email or call and speak with a team member.

Just click here and follow the prompts to sign up for service.

If you are unable to schedule a pick-up, we either do not currently service your area or you have outstanding unpaid invoices from previous orders. Log into your account to determine if this is the case.

Once you sign up, select the plan that works for you. For regular service (and a 5% discount), you can choose “weekly”, “biweekly” or “monthly”. If you prefer more flexibility, you can choose “Not Now” and only use the service as needed. Next, you will select your pick-up day and  customize your service exactly to your preferences including type of detergent, softener, folding and drying preferences. Lastly, enter your billing information. You will receive a confirmation text, as well as a reminder to have your laundry ready for pick-up the evening before, and additional follow-up texts throughout the process until the following day’s delivery.

Our professional, fully customizable laundry service is always YOUR LAUNDRY, DONE YOUR WAY!

Yes, we offer Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning (no nasty chemicals used) with next day delivery.

Yes, we service both residential customers as well as commercial accounts, including various hotels, salons, and Airbnb’s. 

We also offer smoke remediation services through use of our state-of-the-art ozone sanitization washing system.

If you are a new customer, simply set up your preferences when you schedule your first pickup. 

However, if you are a recurring customer, cancel your current order and then schedule a new recurring order. It will show your previous preferences and you can adjust them accordingly.

Once you have selected your service plan and signed up for service, you will receive a confirmation text. You will then receive additional texts throughout the process including a reminder the evening before pick-up to have your laundry ready, texts confirming pick-up, and throughout the process until clothes are delivered clean to you the following day.

Yes, there are no contracts and you can cancel a specific pick-up or a service plan at any time. Our family-owned, local company believes in earning your business one order at a time.

Your laundry and dry cleaning are always returned to you the next day.

For your first pick-up, any type of bag(s) will do. Upon delivery, included with your professionally processed and packaged laundry will be Queen City Laundry bags for your pick-up going forward. Send them in these for every pick-up and they will be laundered and returned for repeated use.

Where you would like your laundry picked up from and delivered to is completely up to you. Ideally, you want to choose a space you feel it will be safe from the elements (a porch, garage, or to your door). Be sure to indicate both your pick-up and drop-off instructions when you sign up for service. 

We charge $2.49 per pound for our standard wash and fold service (minus a 5% discount for “weekly”, “biweekly” and “monthly” service plans, about $2.37 per pound).  Additional per piece pricing and dry cleaning prices are listed during sign-up before you complete the process.

Yes, all pick-up and delivery orders have a $40 minimum.

Your laundry is weighed before it is washed (dry) on our commercial scales. All bulk items eligible for per-piece charges are removed before weighing.

Dry cleaning items should be bagged separately and are all priced per piece.

A credit or debit card is required during the sign up process. The card will not be charged until your laundry has been processed. At that time, you will receive an invoice by text for the billed amount.

Just log into your account and you can adjust your billing information through the live order link.

Just log into your account and you can cancel from there.

If your credit card is declined, you will receive a notification text when it is charged. At that time, log into your account and update your billing information accordingly.

No, all customer orders are kept separate throughout the process, in the washers, dryers, and when folded.  Additionally, every washer is sanitized with our state-of-the-art ozone sanitization system between every load.

Though our processes ensure all orders are kept separate and all bags properly tagged, mistakes may occasionally occur. If this happens, please notify us immediately so we can correct the mistake. Email our team at hello@queencitylaundry.com or call us at (513)230-7470.

In 2019 our family partnered with a national company in hopes of taking our service to another level and we were required to take on their corporate name of HappyNest. That didn’t work out in your best interest so we’ve pivoted one last time. However, our ownership has not changed. We remain owned and operated by the Menz Family in Cincinnati, Ohio since our inception in 2016.  The only things that have changed are our name, website, customer service numbers, and software. We love our city, our team and serving you every day.

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